Here you can buy fantasy couture costumes, lingerie & corsetry

I accept custom orders, so please feel free to ask.

Hi! My name is Anastasia Sallozare and this is the place where I and my creations live.
I'm specializing on handcrafted fantasy couture costumes, corsetry, lingerie and other costumes. I love the magic spirit of a fairytale.
I have discovered fantasy costumes at the age of 17 and have been obsessed with them ever since. I used to copy looks from different games and films, fantasy books, mythology etc.
When I graduated from the high school, I started creating some original costumes, not only cosplay.
Now I'm making fantasy costumes and cosplay for clients from all over the the world, getting a lot of the new ideas.

Every piece is hand-made with care and attention, it is a craftsmanship with spirit of art.
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